Toward Zero Landfill Project

The Towards Zero Landfill Project is a way of thinking AWRE adopted for the 2015 show to reduce the impact it has on the environment. AWRE worked with all of its stakeholders to reduce the amount of waste it produces, so any waste produced was either recycled or re-used and any waste sent to landfill was completely minimised by the project.Read More

2015 Product Directory

AWRE 2015 showcased the latest waste and recycling products and solutions from over 100 brands Read More

Exhibit at AWRE 2016

Exhibiting at AWRE gives you the opportunity to reach the broader waste and recycling industry through our various marketing channels throughout our campaignRead More

Who exhibited at 2015?

2015 saw the likes of Caterpillar, Leibherr, Wrightway, Bucher Municipal, CMA EcoCycle and more exhibit on the show floor Read More

Join the pledge today!

If we want to be part of a sustainable future, it is clear we must adapt our current way of life and business models. Join the #AWREpledge on social media today!Find out more